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Card and board games

Join the community of card and board players in multiplayer mode on Android, iOS or online on the site. Take part in the community of big bettors! The originality of TradiGames is that you can bet big while keeping the advantages of a classic game!

Super Tarot

Super Tarot

Become the best online tarot player in France thanks to the leagues. Win thousands of tokens in tournaments. Bet big on your multiplayer Tarot games.

>Super Rummy

Super Rummy

Become the best multiplayer rummy player in France, participate in online rummy leagues and tournaments. Bet big amounts on your next games.

Super Spades

Super Spades

Discover the famous spades game with thousands of players around the globe. Win tournaments and participate in online leagues to show your level.

Super Gin

Super Gin

Play Gin Rummy head-to-head against players from France, Europe and beyond. Move up from league to league to become the best Gin Rummy player.

Super Backgammon

Super Backgamon

Try this popular board game for centuries but this time directly from your mobile with the TradiGames gaming community.

Super Domino

Super Domino

The classic domino in a fun version is on TradiGames. Become the best domino player online with leagues and tournaments and bet big!

Your favorite classic games

Each region of the world has its own card games that span generations, the tarot game, the rummy game or Spades are essential among them. Whether it's your favorite game of all time or you are looking for new fun adventures, our platform meets all your expectations. Accessible on various platforms such as iOS, Web and Android, our games transport you to a world where tradition and modernity of card games merge to offer an unforgettable experience.

Participate in leagues

Imagine yourself in a game where each week becomes an exciting season, an arena where strategies unfold and cards reveal your destiny. This is the very essence of our card game league system, designed to turn every game into an epic adventure. Let me guide you through this fascinating concept, in French, with the touch of a storyteller passionate about words.

Weekly Leagues

Each week, in this universe of challenges and tactics, a season takes place where you, accompanied by 29 other players, enter the arena for a strategic fight. Think of it as a TV series where each episode is a chance to shine, show off your skills, and rise above the rest. The 10 best players, those who accumulate the most points (PTS) over the course of the games, are not only recognized for their excellence; they are crowned and elevated to the higher league, like heroes ascending the steps to glory.

Rise or Decent?

But wait, the story doesn't end there. The next 10, those who fought valiantly but whose stars did not shine bright enough, remain in their current league, ready to face new challenges, to refine their strategies. As for the last 10, it's a bitter descent, a reminder that in this game, every move counts, every decision can be the wind that carries you to the heights or precipitates your fall.

10 leagues

Navigating through the 10 leagues, from 1 to 10, is a quest for glory where each gaming table is an opportunity, a battlefield where the stakes determine the point gain. The bigger the stake, the higher the point reward, pushing players to risk, to dare for victory.

Risks and Rewards

This system, my friends, is more than just a competitive arrangement; it's a delicate dance between risk and reward, a saga where each player becomes the hero of their own epic. It's an invitation to dive into a world where every week is a new chance to prove your worth, measure yourself against others, and perhaps, climb the ladder to legend.

So, ready to join the adventure? Every card played, every daring bet is a step towards posterity. In this game, each season is a new story to tell, and who knows? The next one could be yours.

What to remember:

  • Weekly Seasons: Strategic clashes between 30 players, aiming to move up the league.
  • Ranking Dynamics: Top 10 rise, middle stays, bottom 10 fall.
  • 10 Leagues: Ascending structure, each game is essential to progress.
  • Risk/Reward: High stakes encourage bold strategies to earn more points.
  • Custom Adventure: Each week offers a new epic story where players aim for glory.

Join the tournaments

Embark on a weekly adventure, where each card game tournament becomes a quest for glory in the world of card games. By paying a contribution, you unlock the doors of an arena where strategy aces meet, challenge each other, and share a moment of intense competition. Let me immerse you in this experience, described with the passion of a storyteller who wishes to transport you to the heart of action.

Every tournament has its own luck

Each week, our card tournament system gives you a unique chance to shine. Upon registration, you are propelled into the quarter-final phase, where each table represents a new challenge, a crucial step towards victory. Imagine this palpable tension, this thrill that runs through the virtual room at the idea of taking the next step. Winning here means opening the door to the semi-final, one more step towards the brilliance of the final.

Will you make it to the final?

The final is the moment when legends come to life, where each shot played can become a feat of arms told and shared. After competing in three fierce games, the points accumulated define your place in the leaderboard, a roll of honor where each name is a promise of talent and strategy.


But what would a tournament be without its rewards? The best of the best will be awarded prizes commensurate with their final ranking, a tangible recognition of their mastery and dedication to the game. It is a celebration of talent, commitment, and above all, love for the game.

Card game tournaments

So, are you ready to enter the arena, compete against the aces of cards, and perhaps write your name among the stars of the game? Every week, a new chance to shine awaits you. Go for it, and may the best hand win!

What to remember:

  • Weekly Tournaments: Each week offers a new opportunity to participate and progress in the tournament.
  • Progressive Challenges: Progression through key stages, with each match increasing the intensity of the competition.
  • Rankings: Great performances create legends, with a ranking that honors exceptional players.
  • Awards: Winners are celebrated with awards that recognize their success and passion for the game.
  • Call to Action: An open invitation to all to join the arena, challenge the best, and try to shine.

Experiences and Levels

Dive into the fascinating world of our card games, where each game played propels you into a thrilling adventure of progression and accomplishment. Every time you enter the game, a unique opportunity to earn experience points (XP) awaits you, transforming each move, each victory, into a step in your evolution.

Levels for all levels

Our system is carefully designed to suit all players, whether beginner, intermediate or professional. Depending on the table you sit at, the XP points collected vary, adding a strategic layer to your journey: the greater the challenge, the greater the reward. It is an invitation to surpass yourself, to explore new strategies and to refine your skills in the subtle art of the card game.

35 levels>

Now imagine this journey through 35 experience levels, each representing a facet of your growth as a player. From the first levels, you'll feel the excitement of progression, with each playthrough bringing you a little closer to your next goal. And with each level reached, new features are unlocked, enriching your gaming experience: access to exclusive leagues, participation in captivating tournaments, and the opportunity to compete at intermediate and professional tables.

Levels for new features

But that's not all. Our system is constantly evolving, promising even more new features on the horizon. Each level reached is an open door to new adventures, each XP point gained, one more step towards mastery. It's a never-ending quest for self-improvement, where each player can chart their own path to glory.

A rich experience

So, are you ready to embark on this adventure, take on the challenge and see how far your passion for card games can take you? Our experience and level system is there to accompany your journey, offering you a rich, dynamic and always renewed experience. Join us, and leave your mark in the fascinating world of our card games.

What to remember:

  • XP points per game for continued progression and achievement.
  • System adaptable to all levels of players, encouraging development.
  • Travel through 35 levels, opening up new possibilities at each stage.
  • Constant system improvements for an ever-refreshing gaming experience.
  • Rich and dynamic gaming experience, supported by an evolving level system.

Adversaries from all over France and elsewhere

Connect to Tradigames, where borders disappear to make way for a community of passionate players, coming from all corners of France and well beyond It is a crossroads where card game enthusiasts meet, challenge and share their passion, transcending geographic boundaries to create a unique gaming experience.

Card players in France

In France, lovers of tarot and rummy gather, bringing with them the wealth of their regions. Whether you are in Brittany, Provence, or even in the busy streets of Paris, Tradigames invites you to join a table, shuffle the cards and launch a challenge. This is the opportunity to measure your tarot skills against a player from Lyon, or to count points in rummy against an opponent from Bordeaux. Each game is a discovery, a journey through the playful traditions of France.

Card Players of Europe

But why stop at the French borders? Tradigames also opens the doors to the international market, particularly for rummy aficionados. Imagine playing against an experienced player from Germany, a strategist from the United States, or even a rummy master from India, where the game has a prominent place in popular culture. This is a golden opportunity to test your skills, learn new strategies and immerse yourself in the cultural diversity of rummy.

Card players from around the world

And that's not all. Tradigames is also a welcoming land for spade and gin rummy players from all over the world. Whether for a quick game or a wild tournament, you will find opponents from the four corners of the globe. It's the perfect opportunity to experiment with varied gaming styles, explore new ways of playing and connect with an international community.

Card games above all

In short, Tradigames is not just a gaming platform; it's a world where cards are a universal language, where every game is an adventure, and where every opponent is a potential friend, no matter where they come from. So, ready to embark on this borderless adventure?

What to remember:

  • Global community of card game enthusiasts.
  • Meetings between players from all regions of France.
  • Enriching exchanges with players from Europe and beyond.
  • Diversity of games and playing styles on an international scale.
  • Cards as a universal language, uniting players around the world.

History of traditional and classic games

Ah, traditional games, a window into the past and a bridge to the present! Who has never spent a rainy afternoon around a table, cards or pawns in hand, immersed in a wild game of belote or tarot? These games, which seem almost as old as time itself, have this unique ability to e bring people together, regardless of their age.

Take for example belote, this pillar of card games in France. Did you know that its origins are as mysterious as they are fascinating, lost in the mists of history? And yet, despite its age, belote continues to captivate, being passed down from generation to generation, constantly reinventing itself. Imagine the stories these cards could tell if they could talk!

The tarot, with its game rich in symbols, is another treasure of playful heritage. Halfway between the art of divination and a strategy game, it has survived the centuries by adapting to each era. What other fun activity can boast such longevity, combining the thrill of the unknown with the pure joy of play?

Let's not even talk about rami, gin rummy or spades , these card games which, through their simple but profound rules, have conquered the world. Each game is a new challenge, a new adventure where strategy and luck come together, creating unforgettable moments with friends or family.

As for board games like backgammon and dominoes, they are not left out. Backgammon, with its origins dating back to Antiquity, is a true journey through time, a silent dialogue between two opponents where each movement is full of history. Dominoes, on the other hand, transform simple playing pieces into instruments of a strategic symphony, where each placement can reverse the course of the game.

But the best part of all this? This is because these traditional games have not said their last word. In the digital age, they have cleverly slipped into our pockets, via our smartphones, allowing us to challenge opponents on the other side of the world or learn new variations without leaving our living room. Technology, far from making them obsolete, has given them a new lease of life, proving that belote, tarot, and all their gaming brothers still have a bright future ahead of them.

So, whether we talk about cards or pawns, these traditional games are much more than simple entertainment. They are a reflection of a shared history, a link between past and present, and above all, a promise of moments of pure joy to share. So, ready for a game?

What to remember:

  • Playful Heritage: Traditional games like belote and tarot bring people together, spanning time and generations.
  • Mysterious Origins: Belote, with its roots lost in history, continues to reinvent itself and captivate.
  • Symbolic Wealth: The tarot, combining divinatory art and strategy, illustrates the capacity of games to adapt and endure.
  • World Conquest: Card games like rummy, gin rummy, and spades, and board games like backgammon and dominoes, offer timeless strategic challenges.
  • Digital Renaissance: The digital age is giving these games a new lease of life, making them accessible across the world via mobile technology.

Random and fair distribution

At the heart of Tradigames, an ingenious distribution system ensures that every hand, every draw, is 100% random. This means that the sequence you experience today Today, it's a shooting star in the vastness of the playful cosmos: unique, ephemeral, and destined never to recur. Each part is a blank canvas, ready to be colored by the player's brush.

No part is the same, each experience is new, shaped by pure chance. This uniqueness not only guarantees constant freshness in the game but also elevates each session to fairness between players

Thanks to our sophisticated algorithms and an unwavering devotion to unpredictability. The Tradigames team understands the importance of the element of surprise. So they designed a system where each distribution is a celebration of uncertainty, an ode to the unexpected.

This principle of absolute singularity transforms each game into a novelty, where strategies and tactics must be imagined according to the new draw.